123 Ventes


123ventes.com is a website that offers tailor-made software, oriented CMS. This solution makes it easy and quick to create an e-commerce store.
The objective is to be able to give you autonomous on the design and management of an e-commerce site. With a flexible, low-cost model, the solution makes it very easy to start your business while later benefiting from more powerful and studied functionalities for online sales.


123ventes was initiated in 2005, first on a heavy client version for the manager, then was switched to a thin client in 2019.


IT project manager, passionate about new technologies, I developed this software first on my free time, then full time.


The 123ventes software can be used on any device with a browser and meeting HTML 5 specifications. No third-party license is required. You benefit from the group licenses included in our offer.


The software you will acquire is the result of many hours of development and experience gained in different business contexts. You can see this page for detailed functions. Constant care is taken to simplify all processes and navigation. So you can completely manage your pages, your activity, SEO, without computer code....