123 Sales: the software

Development model

Up to date on the latest technologies and best practices, our software uses few frameworks which makes it more autonomous, secure and robust with custom code. The target development model is `Open source`. You benefit from a test environment and a production environment.


The software that you will acquire offers you the following functionalities:

  • Complete management of your catalog
    • Management of articles, categories and subcategories
    • Choice of your articles and categories on the home page
    • Management of promotions, news...
    • Characteristics of standard and made-to-measure items
  • The complete management of your customers
    • Newsletter
    • Apply discounts to top customers
  • Complete management of your pages
    • Home page and site according to several models
    • Edit all content
    • Configure your logo, favIcon, colors, images and styles with ease
  • Order management
    • Manage the progress, shipping and tracking of your orders
    • Put in place business management rules
  • Options management
    • Use the payment method of your choice, among credit card, paypal, bank transfer, check...
    • Use the delivery method of your choice, among the post office, monial relay, delivery by carrier...
    • Define all merchant information
    • Optimize your SEO
  • Much more...